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We really hope you're enjoying your cruise through New Jersey Pirate History. If not, this is where you can tell us about it! (However any serious mutiny WILL be put down!) Let us know your thoughts on the site, what we could do to improve it or tell us what you dislike about it.
Now, we know you're thinking that you could probably just jump on the ship at the bottom of this page and flee without signing the Guestbook or even viewing it. Just remember - Captain Bartholomew Roberts thought he could get away too! Why not dare to be different and actually sign OUR Guestbook?
If you'd like to receive a free subscription to an informative monthly newsletter about Pirate History then signing the Ship's Log is required! In your brief message, tell us that you'd like to receive the newsletter and it will be sent. Sorry but we can't send it without your acknowledgement!
So, click on the pile of booty to plunder your free newsletter from us or just to drop us a line. Click on the Captain to view our Ship's Log or click on the email scroll to send us ideas. If you still insist on fleeing though, the vessel may carry you to safety.

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