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An Inventory Of Captured Plunder

When a Pirate plundered a ship or sacked a city he would often keep detailed notes and journals of all the booty he acquired. Ironically, this ledger of stolen goods was to ensure that the loot was not stolen from him by his crew!
Most buccaneers could not be trusted at all and once their Captain found them plunder they would in turn pilfer bits and pieces of it and smuggle the goods home. Normally the booty was divided into equal shares among the crew and the Captain would keep a larger portion for himself. Though the crews' percentage was usually deemed fair, the buccaneers always had an eye for more. They would pack their loot in the cannons of the ship and seal them for safety. Others would hide their bounty in other places.
This is why it became necessary for a Captain to record the items he had plundered. When his ship returned to port he would again inventory the lot. Then the shares would be divided. If a thief was caught among the crew it usually resulted in flogging or death and at times, both.

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