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Pirates At Ocean City!!!

Ocean City (formerly known as Ocean Town) was primarily founded and developed by pirates. While a British colonial governor concentrated his troops at the main port of Cape May, Ocean City served as a small port for the whaling industry. Not featuring many amenities, Ocean City was often overlooked by vessels coming off of the Spanish Main.
However, as pirate activity increased, a larger garrison of troops arrived in Cape May and rogue sea Captains began finding it difficult and dangerous to dock in Cape May. Thus the port of Ocean City (only 26 miles north) became an area where pirates could dock their vessels, make quick repairs and restock basic provisions. As this practice became more popular, more pirates began landing in Ocean City and eventually began overseeing the construction of the facilities they required to better accomodate their needs. Thus Ocean Town was founded and visited frequently.
Though Cape May remained the main harbor, Ocean City soon flourished as its own community. As an island it was difficult for colonial troops to approach it by ship without giving wanted pirates ample time to flee. As a result the area became a den for pirates and rogues.
Eventually the colonists built bridges and began increasing patrols in the area. Though this greatly reduced the visits by pirates it still remained a place of constant suspicion. Finally a guard barracks and garrison was established on the island in 1723. This all but ended the pirate activity in Ocean City.

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