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Captain Bartholomew Roberts

Born 1682 Haverfordwest, Wales. Died February 10, 1722 off the Gold Coast

Bartholomew Roberts The Pirate

Bartholomew Roberts captained a series of vessels throughout his career. Among them were the "Royal Rover", "Fortune", "Royal Fortune" and "Good Fortune".
Turning to piracy at the age of 37, Captain Roberts found great success at sacking and plundering the Spanish cities of Cumana, Campeche, Margarita, Maracaibo, La Vega and Gibraltar. He also captured, sunk and looted over 400 ships which qualified him as a serious rival of captain Henry Morgan.
The Spanish, Dutch and French issued bounties on Captain Bartholomew which forced him to leave the Caribbean for safety. Taking port in Charlestown he soon realized the ripe plunder awaiting him along the east coast of America. Sailing north on June 15, 1720, Captain Roberts attacked a merchant vessel off the coast of Virginia. While attempting to reach the haven of Charlestown a storm forced him further north. Landing in the port of Cape May, New Jersey, British colonists recognized him and attempted to capture Roberts in the Delaware Bay. He successfully ran their blockade and escaped however one of his barques were sunk in the fight. It was estimated that approximately half a million dollars worth of captured gold and silver went to the bottom of the bay.
Finding no safety along the coast he fled to the Gold Coast where he was again sighted by British warships. Again they attacked and Captain Bartholomew Roberts was killed by grapeshot fired from a musket. He died February 10, 1722. His crew was taken prsioner and returned to England where they were tried for the crime of Piracy and sentenced to death.